Mineral Wool as a Continuous Insulation Solution

Course Description: Insulation can help increase overall energy efficiency, minimize the spread of fire, manage risks associated with moisture and mold, and improve occupant comfort. Choosing the right insulation and putting it in the right location is becoming one of the most important decisions in design, construction, and retrofit. Reviewed in this course are the features, benefits, and design and installation considerations related to mineral wool continuous insulation.

AEC Daily Course Code: AEC1424-01:1

Duration: 1.25 hour(s)

Format(s): PDF

HSW: Yes

Point of Contact Name: Tiffany Coppock, AIA, NCARB, CDT, LEED AP, ASTM, RCI, EDAC

Point of Contact Email: Tiffany.Coppock@owenscorning.com

Architectural Support - Commercial Insulation

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