Mission Critical Commercial Roofing with Cellular Glass Insulation

Course Description: This course describes roof system concepts vital to “mission critical” building design. Today’s world is highly technology and process reliant. High value research and processes that cannot be interrupted are conducted daily in education, scientific laboratories, government and industry. Communication is vital in national security, education, business and financial markets. Continuity in production of commercial goods and public utilities is vital to the economy. Financial records, medical information, intel data, archival resources, and much more must be continuous and accessible through connectivity. The vital importance of such functions has given rise to “mission critical” building design.

Internal Course Code: EL907

Duration: 1.00 hour(s)

Point of Contact Name: Owens Corning

Point of Contact Email: Insulation.Analytics@owenscorning.com

Architectural Support - Commercial Insulation

Susan Raneri
Eastern U.S.
Drew Clausen
Central U.S.
Saboura Rokhsari
Western U.S.