The Benefits of Mineral Wool as a Continuous Insulation Solution

Course Description: Insulation can help increase overall energy efficiency, minimize the spread of fire, manage risks associated with moisture and mold, and improve occupant comfort. When designing exterior wall assemblies, the type and placement of insulation is critical. To address thermal performance, wall systems almost always feature insulation batts — friction fit between framing members. Depending on climate zone and construction type, though, insulation batts alone may not provide enough thermal resistivity. Continuous insulation is increasingly used in conjunction with insulation batts to optimize thermal performance.

Learning Objectives:
1. Identify the advantages and implications of using continuous insulation (ci) in energy-efficient exterior wall design and construction.
2. Discuss key building and energy code requirements related to the use of ci.
3. Learn about the raw materials used to manufacture mineral wool ci as well as its manufacturing process.
4. Understand the many benefits of mineral wool ci in sustainable, exterior wall assemblies.

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Duration: 1h

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