Fire Safety in High Rise Structures

Course Description: One of the most complex and least understood areas where fire can propagate is at the perimeter of a multi-story building. Not only can fire spread from floor-to-floor via the edge-of-slab/curtain wall intersections but also along the exterior building enclosure where untested, combustible components are often installed. This program outlines best design practices for providing fire protection for building occupants per ASTM E2307 and E2874.

Learning Objectives:
1. Participants will gain a stronger understanding of vertical fire spread in high rise buildings through use of visuals of actual fire case studies.
2. Participants will also learn how to identify proper wall design techniques that will help provide fire safety in multi-story wall applications based on presenter showing common curtain wall construction and special conditions detailing.
3. Architects will also learn how common building materials, used in wall construction, behave when exposed to the rigors of fire per ASTM E2307. Presenter will provide outline based on fire testing and photos of actual curtain wall component failure.
4. Participants will be provided the information on the design criteria required for code compliant assemblies.

Delivery: Live

Internal Course Code: FS-1122

Duration: 1h

HSW Compatible: Yes

Point of Contact Name: Drew Clausen

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