Air Barriers: Science, Products & Systems

Course Description: This course provides a general overview of air barriers- their role in building performance, the material options, and design considerations. Building code requirements and verification testing will be reviewed for an understanding of how to meet or exceed today’s performance requirements. General considerations will also be discussed to aid in selecting the best system and installation methods for specific projects.

Learning Objectives:
1. Identify how properly performing air and weather barrier systems increase the overall building performance and health of the building.
2. Identify key requirements that validate air barrier system performance per International Building Code and additional standards.
3. Classify air barriers by their vapor permeability.
4. List the main types of air barrier systems and their benefits in installation and performance.
5. Integrate air barriers into exterior wall fire assemblies.

Delivery: Live

Internal Course Code: AB_0923

Duration: 1h

HSW Compatible: Yes

Point of Contact Name: Drew Clausen

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